7 Great Tips for Making Hot Sauce and how to keep them

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People can’t live without seasoning sauce, and many of my friends like to eat chili sauce very much. Besides the chili sauce bought in supermarkets, there are also many people who like to make their own chili sauce because they always feel that handmade chili sauce is cleaner and more hygienic. The same I am also a chili sauce lover, not spicy. Next, I would like to share the process of making our handmade Chinese chili sauce and how to preserve it.

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First, the steps to make chili sauce.

Authentic recipe: 1000 g of chili pepper, 150g of garlic, 15ml of white wine, 100g of old ginger, 30g of sugar, and about 100g of salt.



1. First wash the chili pepper, garlic and ginger, then drain them completely, then chop them into mince and set aside.

2. Put the white wine, sugar and salt into the above chopped mince, mix well and put it into the jar.

3. Seal the jar well, about 30 days to eat, so that the good chili sauce stored for 3 years without any problems.

4. marinated chili sauce, the bottom of the pot into the oil, fried and can be set aside, if not fried in advance, every time you do dishes, you need to first fry the marinated chili sauce, no matter what fried dishes, directly put a little chili sauce, the taste is very good.

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Chili sauce 7 major tips.

1.The choice of chili pepper according to the local species selection, what chili pepper can be used in this recipe, the universal method.

2. Be sure to grasp the proportion of salt, 500 grams of chili corresponding to 50 grams of salt is the best, generally between 50-60 grams are okay.

3. When making chili sauce, add white wine and white vinegar, both to eliminate bacteria, but also to enhance the taste of chili sauce, but the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

4. When making chili sauce, chili, garlic, ginger should be completely drained, do not get any raw water and oil during the process, stained to redo, otherwise the chili sauce made will be moldy.

5. marinade chili sauce is best to use the altar, do not use the kind of transparent glass bottles, will lead to poor taste of the marinade out of the chili sauce, the color will also be unattractive.

6. do chili sauce, from the day it was made, 30 days not to eat, because at this time the highest content of nitrite chili sauce, eaten on the body is not healthy.

7. Make the chili sauce, as long as each time with no water and no oil scoop out, and then sealed, to ensure that 3 years will not be bad, the longer the time, the more mellow flavor.

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So knowing how to make chili sauce, how should we preserve it?


We all know that in the market some chili sauce packaging is glass bottles, some are plastic bottles or bags. The marinades, sauces, and seasonings that are made are still recommended to use glass bottles. The reasons are as follows.

1. Because the glass is chemically stable, pickles, soy sauce, vinegar, and some acid and alkali corrosive items are not easy to make the glass composition change, the plastic molecular structure is not so stable.

2. Some hot sauce production is required to be bottled at high temperature, then the heat resistance of the glass bottle is very good, unless it is a plastic bottle with special properties to contain high temperature things.

3. glass bottles with tinplate lids, very good sealing, for the preservation of food freshness plays a very important role.

4. Glass bottles are very easy to clean.

Finally, warm tips if someone’s stomach or kidney is not very good, you should eat less chili peppers, although it is very delicious.

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