Exactly how to make your olive oil brand stand out?

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Olive oil is not only utilized as the healthiest food preparation oil, but additionally as a special oil for dieters and also as a skin treatment product that is good for human skin. So how can we identify the various functions of olive oil as well as make our olive oil brand stand apart and reveal that olive oil is safe and without ingredients, this also has to be done from the olive oil product packaging.

Straightforward design

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Greek Kondea olive oil packaging style is simple and strong, although it makes use of the timeless round green glass bottle, yet its tag design is really colorful.Every design component of the product brand name has been meticulously developed to show the clear direction of this Greek household added virgin olive oil brand. The olive oil brand name is discovering the suggestion of going back to its roots and also to life. The design principles catch the strong link the Greeks have actually had with the land from the very start.

Innovative layout

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The container layout of Amber olive oil from Spain is a view to see. The design company utilized the option of two shades for the 3 containers as a guiding line for the collection: yellow reminiscent of olive oil, and also dark environment-friendly as the tone of the ceramic bottle, elegantly highlighting all the elements above. The style firm readjusted the combination by picking different colorways for the three oils: Cornicabra for orange, Arbequina for blue as well as Hojiblanca for green. Additionally, to give an aspect of contrast, the layout firm utilized a type family members that was both straightforward as well as packed with subtle details, adding character to the style without compromising typography.

All-natural style


The nature of the product typically establishes the design of product packaging layout for this item. Firstly, the all-natural shade of olive oil is green. But if the item is placed as a green premium product, we require to determine just how to show the actual item to customers to begin with as well as give them an aesthetic experience of seeing the authenticity. Extremely frequently, we require to locate our design direction and suggestions in the significance of the product. As a result, the complying with olive oil product packaging style utilizes a clear glass bottle simply to utilize the natural color of the product itself. The shape of this glass container is special and also easy and unified in regards to energy as well as shape. The cap is made from wood product is extremely innovative.

In order not to impact the color of the olive oil itself, a single shade (black and also white) is made use of here to reveal the color of the packaging design, which is pure natural environment-friendly. If you use other colors, this bundle layout will lose its significance. That’s what I like concerning this product packaging style.

Characteristic Society Layout

The Italian brand AM Olive is a brand-new brand name in the olive oil market, which intends to display the distinctive society of the region as the highlight, while at the exact same time having excellent quality brand name qualities. It can be found in a timeless eco-friendly square glass container. The concept of the packaging is based on mosaic graphics and also figures reeled in old Roman style, influenced by the rich Italian background and the Italian architectural society. Additionally the form of the label has actually been transformed.

So how do tiny olive oil firms design their brands? The principle of “environment-friendly”.


Greenolia is a little family possessed firm located in a little location, which prepares to make a luxury brand name of olive oil, via olive oil product packaging style to visually achieve the high end quality of olive oil, including olive oil tag layout, bottle style, can create, etc, since the high quality of the olive oil itself is the very best in the location.

The name “Green” shows the idea of “environment-friendly” and also the objective to develop fair profession. The style of the olive oil product packaging is planned to evoke the people’s memory from their life scenes and also to attain the purpose of sales.

In order to show the different series of olive oil containers, they use sprayed black glass bottles, sprayed white glass bottles and environment-friendly glass bottles, in addition to glass jar collection to reveal their various items. I assume it is extremely appealing to consumers, or at the very least more attractive to me.

Final thought

Via the above various sorts of brand names how to design their very own olive oil packaging to attain their sales target, I believe both olive oil manufacturers and customers have a particular understanding of these brand name styles.

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