Three methods for milk packaging

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Milk, among the earliest natural drinks, is bled from women cows as the name suggests. In different nations, there are different grades of milk, one of the most common being entire, low-fat and skim milk. Milk is the finest resource of calcium for the body and also is a vital nutrient in people’s lives.

Milk packaging needs

In order to adjust to the demands of broadband automated milk loading equipments, milk product packaging films need to fulfill the complying with performance requirements during manufacturing.

 1 ). Slippery performance

The inner and also outer surface areas of the film must have good slip residential properties to make certain that it can continue efficiently on the high-speed automated filling up equipment.

2). Stretching efficiency

Given that the plastic film undergoes mechanical drawing force from the automatic filling up device throughout the filling process, the film must have adequate tensile toughness to stop deformation or being managed under the drawing pressure of the automatic filling machine

3). Warmth securing performance

Movie automated product packaging is one of the most concerned about leak of seal, incorrect seal, sticky knife and other problems causing broken bags, the much faster the filling speed warmth sealing requirements are higher.

4 ). Surface area moistening stress

The outside and interior surface areas of the film need to have good slip to make certain that it can be smoothly brought out on high-speed automated filling up equipments.

5 ). Obstacle efficiency

Product packaging products are required to have oxygen obstacle, light obstacle, wetness resistance, scent conservation, odor avoidance features, to choose barrier materials according to various components, rack life, production equipment, storage space problems, etc( 6 ). Needs for ink efficiency

Milk packaging movie is typically published by surface area printing, in addition to the basic technical needs of surface area printing ink, such as attachment, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, as fluid milk product packaging, it should have the ability to hold up against pasteurization or hydrogen peroxide sterilization and also boiling treatment requirements, the ink has to additionally have oxidation resistance, water resistance, warm resistance as well as freezing resistance, in order to protect the movie in manufacturing, flow, transportation, storage and also other links The ink will certainly not diminish, blossom, condense, etc( 7 ). Security under heat

The security of the product packaging bag straight affects the safety and security as well as hygiene of dairy products. As a result of product packaging products, formulations, frameworks, refining help, manufacturing processes, other reasons and environmental problems, causing the decay of the active ingredients in the bag, movement, adsorption and also even chain reaction with the materials, which subsequently impacts the high quality of milk items, such as off-flavors, loss of milk flavor, delamination, modifications in tissue framework, and so on, and also trigger serious human side effects; or the bag in a particular temperature level water or milk immersion happens in the delamination The bag can additionally be made use of as a storage container for milk, contraction, decoloration, bond and various other sensations. Summertime high temperature storage for a long period of time to pay specific interest to

Milk packaging techniques

The most common type of milk is liquid milk. Liquid milk products consist of pure fresh milk, ultra-high temperature disinfected milk and also fruit flavorful milk, and so on.

Milk Glass bottle

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Glass bottles are primarily used for sterilized milk, flavored milk as well as yogurt packaging. Glass container is the traditional type of packaging, which fulfills the requirements of environmental management, can be recycled, as well as being affordable. In the 21st century, as individuals attach wonderful value to environmental security and renewable energies, some business still utilize glass containers to package sterilized milk, but this glass container has an enduring anti-bacterial, antibacterial impact on the basis of preserving the initial excellent efficiency, not only to enhance the effect strength, and also the weight of the light-weight instructions, the form is more fashionable and preferred.

As yogurt product packaging is a lot more helpful. The securing result of the glass bottle is better than other product packaging, as well as the taste and flavor of yogurt in this product packaging are far better than other product packaging products, which is the ideal packaging for yogurt items.

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The glass container appropriates for fresh milk, as it does not include chemicals as well as can be consumed for no more than 72 hours, as well as it is easy to damage, so it is marketed in the marketplace near the place of production, while other bottled milk is typically combined with a modest amount of chemicals and appropriates for transportation to farther markets for a longer life span. At the exact same time, milk in glass bottles can be reused, which is much more eco pleasant, and the relative cost does not require to include packaging prices, so the same quantity of packaging prices is less costly than various other container product packaging. Other product packaging can no longer be reused, inadequate environmental management.

Glass containers are made of sand, soft drink ash, and sedimentary rock. These products are not multiple-use, however there are bountiful gets. The manufacture of glass milk containers requires home heating to over 1482 levels Celsius (2700 levels Fahrenheit). However, glass containers can be reused. The energy made use of to refill and disinfect glass bottles is a lot less than the power used to make plastic bottles as well as containers.

apple and orange juice drinks fresh glass bottle isolated on a white background

Apple and orange juice drinks fresh glass bottle isolated on a white background

Benefits: outstanding gas and liquid obstacle, warmth resistance as well as chemical security; in enhancement, the rate is inexpensive, easy manufacturing process, can be recycled and also recycled often, can be made right into a range of gorgeous shapes and other benefits. In the previous couple of years, light-weight and also high-strength glass containers have been developed..

Tetra Pak packaging for milk.


” Tetra Pak” the primary element is cardboard, cardboard constructed from native long fibers, some of these fibers have been blonde and also some natural, in order to boost the thickness of the cardboard, the cardboard production procedure is typically included component of the chemical thermal grinding pulp (CTMP), in order to make the cardboard surface smooth and easy to publish, the exterior of the cardboard and a slim finish In order to make the surface of the cardboard smooth for printing, the beyond the cardboard has a slime layer. “Tetra Pak ” is a six-layer compound of cardboard, lightweight aluminum and also polyethylene foil.

In recent years, the top-quality milk product packaging represented by Tetra Pak is growing rapidly in the south; while the north and also western and also central regions are dominated by economic milk product packaging; consequently, the low-grade packaging represented by plastic bag product packaging accounts for 70% of the whole liquid milk market in this area, but the aseptic pillow and aseptic plastic bag created by Tetra Pak are growing quickly in the northern market, suggesting that high-quality product packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the market. The prior Tetra Pak aseptic packaging innovation has been frequently utilized for fresh milk packaging in established countries, making it possible for fresh milk to have a rack life of up to 45 days at space temperature level.

If you look at it from a technological point of view, Tetra Pak is a six-layer laminated paper plane made of paper, plastic as well as light weight aluminum, which can efficiently obstruct air as well as light, which are the killers that have a tendency to make milk and beverages ruin. The small Tetra Pak makes the usage of milk and drinks a lot more secure and also convenient, and has a longer shelf life, achieving higher product packaging effectiveness.

Of course, the Tetra Pak is also totally “simple as well as basic”. Of all, its form is atmospheric and easy, and the outer paper can be easily printed with different designs according to the demands of various products, such as intense, fresh, or cartoon, which can be varied from product to product and also from customer to customer.

Benefits: space temperature level storage space, long shelf life, separated light, practical printing look, even more environmentally friendly materials.

Negative aspects: inadequate compression resistance, simple to break, high devices requirements, high expense, ecological considerations

The packaging of substance plastic of milk.

Compound plastic packaging for milk.


Currently there are lots of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk packaged in aseptic composite plastic movie bags on the marketplace, which inhabit the major middle and low-end customer market, normally with three layers of white and black film bags, which have reduced rate as well as life span of 1 to 2 months; there are likewise 5 layers of black and white movie bags, which have relatively high rate and life span of 3 months. Details products to be used according to the weather conditions of the sales area and also seasonal sensible options. Aseptic composite plastic film bags this type of packaging sanitary as well as clean, cost-effective.

Most plastic milk bottles are made from high-density polyethylene, which is relatively light as well as has reduced transport costs. Fifty percent a gallon (1.89 liters) of milk utilized in plastic containers is only 4 ounces (regarding 113 grams), accounting for 5% of the overall weight. Theoretically, plastic bottles are recyclable.

Straightforward milk product packaging movie, normally a single-layer movie, which is made by adding a certain percent of white masterbatch to different polyethylene materials, blown into the film. Milk product packaging white as well as black movie is primarily a high-performance composite movie made by co-extrusion of 3 or even more layers, utilizing LDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, MLLDPE as well as various other materials, with black and white masterbatch co-extruded as well as blown. According to the number of layers, it can be primarily divided into single-layer product packaging film, 3-layer co-extruded packaging film and 5-layer co-extruded product packaging film. According to the different means of sanitation of fluid milk, it can be split right into ultra-high temperature level sanitation product packaging, pasteurization packaging and also general sanitation packaging, etc.

Straightforward milk packaging movie, normally single-layer film, is constructed from different polyethylene products with a certain portion of white masterbatch, blown right into the movie. Milk packaging white as well as black film is multi-layer or mostly three-layer co-extrusion, the use of LDPE, LLDPE, EVOH as well as various other resins, with black and also white masterbatch co-extrusion blown into a high-performance composite movie.

Benefits: low cost, light avoidance, very easy transport, little storage room.

Downsides: troublesome to drink as well as carry, old look.


Understanding that quality of milk and also several methods to package milk, after that we can select the ideal bundle for our storage space needs when we purchase milk.

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