Glass milk bottles VS Plastic milk containers

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Milk is a crucial nutrient in our lives and also we consume milk practically daily. There are types of milk bottles on the marketplace currently, glass milk bottles and plastic milk bottles., PE bags, box milk etc.So when we purchase milk, we are typically caught in the option of whether to buy milk in glass containers or in plastic containers, or PE bags? I think that many individuals will certainly be as baffled as I have to do with the choice, today, we simply make a comparison between Glass milk bottles and Plastic milk containers, so allow’s undergo the adhering to contrast to see whether the glass milk container is good, or plastic milk bottle is excellent.

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Glass milk bottle vs plastic milk bottle

Material contrast

SpecificationGlass bottlesPlastic bottles
MaterialGlassPPSU PP PE PES Tritan
Abrasion resistanceGoodcommon
Ease of cleaningEasierNot easy
Heat resistance600℃180°(ppsu)

Glass VS plastic containers.


Comparison of disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages and disadvantagesGlass milk bottlesPlastic milk bottles
AdvantagesMilk glass bottle easy material non-toxic and non-harmfulPlastic bottle material is light, easy for children to hold
Easy to clean no matter how long you use itNot easy to break
Glass conducts heat well and can be disinfected and heated at high temperatures.Bottle body is light, easy to carry
DisadvantagesGlass bottles are heavy, not easy to hold the bottleDifficult to clean, the bottle is easy to leave milk dirt, not easy to clean
Thermal conductivity is fast and easy to burn your handsNot heat resistant and easy to release harmful
Easy to breakNone
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Glass Milk bottles VS plastic bottles.

Comparison of milk storage space.

The raw materials of glass bottles are all-natural while plastic are chemicals, all despite how much extra eco-friendly plastic is promoted, just how dangerous to the body, especially when positioned for a lengthy time, plastic chemicals will certainly volatilize or chemically react with the storage. There are rumors that glass containers will absorb the nutrients in breastmilk. Specialists in the USA have validated that glass bottles do not adsorb any type of breast milk nutrients and do not add any type of damaging compounds to breast milk, so glass containers are the most safe.

The plastic category includes PC (polycarbonate, also referred to as polycarbonate fiber), PES (polyethersulfone material), PP (polypropylene), PPSU (polyphenylsulfone resin.) PPSU, PES, COMPUTER, high and also light-weight stamina, challenging to damage, highly clear, great efficiency. Plastic milk storage bottles are simple to yellow or opaque after a long period of time, it is not easy to see whether the storage containers are cleaned, some by steam sanitation will certainly additionally be warped, brief life, yet plastic bottles have an excellent advantage is that they are light and also not delicate, practical as well as simple to carry.

In terms of storing milk, the glass bottle is the winner

Advantage of glass bottles storage.

Wide size glass containers are coming to be much more as well as a lot more prominent with the public, compared to the common size, large diameter is more hassle-free to clean as well as can be transformed right into a container. Glass bottles have the longest solution life, as well as the ability of glass bottles on the market is usually 120ml, 150ml, 220ml, 240ml, 500ml 750ml and also 1000ml etc.People can choose to buy them according to their actual situation.


Through these comparisons, I want to aid you in selecting milk packaging.If you have various other concerns about milk packaging, you can visit Shandong Mingle Packing Co.,Ltd , ask glass bottle experts.

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