Exactly how to make tomato sauce?

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Nutrition of tomato sauce

Tomato is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and also a percentage of protein. It can promote food digestion, diuresis and also hinder lots of sorts of germs. Carotene in tomatoes can protect skin elasticity, promote bone calcification, protect against as well as treat youngsters’s rickets, night blindness and also xerophthalmia.

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Tomato paste is a paste-like concentrated item of fresh tomatoes, in which the content of dietary fiber is more than 4 times that of tomatoes and the web content of vitamin E is nearly 8 times that of tomatoes. Tomato sauce is bright red and tastes sour and wonderful. It is a good partner for bread as well as can likewise be utilized as a food preparation seasoning for fish, meat and various other foods.

Preparation of tomato sauce

The homemade tomato sauce is an actual environment-friendly healthy and balanced food without any type of pigments as well as ingredients. It is most ideal to purchase some fresh tomatoes to make tomato paste.

Catsup is offered in shops as well as supermarkets outdoors, so why do we make it at home? The catsup made by ourselves is not only clean and sanitary, but likewise cheaper and also not too tiresome.

Tomato sauce Components needed: 2000g fresh tomatoes, 500g white sugar, 1 lemon, 50g rock sugar, appropriate quantity of salt and also white wine.

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Manufacturing technique:

Action 1: food selection.

When making ketchup, you have to select fresh, fully grown, intensely colored and also fragrant tomato fruits, ideally pollution-free as well as freshly chosen tomatoes from your very own family. The general demand is that there is no rotten black, no environment-friendly fruit and also poor fruit, as well as the tomato with thick flesh, slim skin and also few seeds.

Action 2: tidy and peel.

 Clean the acquired tomatoes, use a blade to attract a cross blade on the top of the tomatoes, put the cross component downward into the boiling water pot as well as scald for about 8-10 seconds, then tear off the skin and leave the pulp.

Peel the peeled tomatoes and reduce them into small pieces (note that the smaller the cut, the extra fragile the sauce. At the same time, pay attention to collecting the tomato juice). In order to ensure the pure taste of tomato paste, it is best to get rid of the environment-friendly seeds when cutting.

Include the diced tomatoes right into the mixer or juicer as well as stir for 10-15 secs, after that put them into the pot. It needs to be noted that the pot can not be made of iron or stainless steel, which will certainly trigger chemical reactions.

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Action 3: Boil the sauce.

 Add an ideal amount of white sugar, give a boil over high heat, and after that count on tool warmth. When the soup is thick, squeeze in the juice of a lemon (adding lemon juice can avoid oxidation and also boost the level of acidity of tomato sauce). After 20 mins, include rock sugar to the pot to make the soy sauce look better. Ultimately, include salt to taste (as the saying goes, if you wish to be pleasant, include some salt, quack quack). The cooked tomato sauce thickens, the color looks very bright, as well as the scent can be launched.

Action 4: bottle while hot. 

Take out the glass bottle that has been sterilized with boiling water (you can pour water into the pot and boil it for about 20 minutes to sterilize). Put the prepared tomato paste in the hot container. After a few minutes, add a tablespoon of white wine, cover it immediately, seal it, and put it into the ice box for refrigeration.

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Tip: Glass bottles and jars are various.

 You can use the old ones.Usually, the bottles or glass jars for food can be collected. Usually choosing the tin cap,because its sealing is good.If it is a plastic bottle cap, it is best to press a layer of plastic film on the bottle mouth before capping. Remember to dry the water in the glass bottle to prevent the tomato sauce from spoiling. White wine can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

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This way, the homemade ketchup is ready. Appreciate it! When eating, it can be eaten directly. It can likewise be made use of to sandwich bread, cook veggies and make sauce. The impact is also extremely excellent. The thick tomato sauce, appealing shade, sweet and also sour preference are really preferred with youngsters. It is just delicious! Like good friends, hurry to collect it!

When the soup is thick, capture in the juice of a lemon (including lemon juice can avoid oxidation and also boost the acidity of tomato sauce). Bear in mind to dry the water in the glass bottle to protect against the tomato sauce from ruining. The thick tomato sauce, appealing color, sour and sweet preference are very prominent with children.

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