Top 5 Glass bottles for sauce making

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When we buy sauces in the market, we can see that most of the sauces on the shelves are packaged in glass bottles, and a small part may be packaged in other ways. Why do sauce manufacturers choose glass bottles as the best packaging method?

First, the following are the reasons:

1.Generally ,the sauce contains oil, some of the ingredients in the oil are close to the glass bottle. If the sauce is stored in the plastic bottle for a long time, some harmful substances may enter the plastic to produce other substances. But the glass bottle will not react.

2. The glass bottle will not oxidize. The plastic bottle will oxidize and change color over time, but the glass bottle is stable and will not react.

3. The glass bottle is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. During the heating process, the glass bottle will not deform, but the plastic bottle will. Moreover, many sauces are hot filled and sterilized at high temperature during the filling process, so it is appropriate to use the glass bottle.

4. Glass bottles are easy to clean and can be reused. However, it is inconvenient to clean plastic bottles and it is troublesome to reuse them

Next, we will introduce 7 top sauce bottles in Shandong Mingle Packaging Co., Ltd.:


1. 12oz sauce glass bottle

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12oz glass sauce bottle

The shape and capacity of this bottle are in line with the requirements of sauce manufacturers. Generally, the cover is a tinplate crimped cover. After the sauce is filled, it will be sealed with a sealing film, and the sealing performance is very good. This bottle type

2.12 stout sauce bottles

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This bottle is short and fat and very cute. It can be used not only as the packaging of sauces, but also as the packaging of drinks


3. 12.5oz round shape glass bottle


The 375ml size is not very common in the sauce market, but this elegant bottle is still popular with many producers who want to expand the volume of their sauces. I think it was developed according to the habits of most sauce users. The capacity is moderate, the spiral mouth part is suitable for the plastic cap, the aluminum cap is matched, and the bottle is easy to fill. The space in the middle of the bottle is perfect for the manufacturer to make a brand logo or put a brand label on it.

4. 8oz round and tall shape glass bottle for sauce

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As a popular bottle shape,these 8oz glass bottles with tall and round bottles,aluminum cap or plastic cap can be matched.  Most sauce manufactures need different sizes and shapes for sauce making. For this shape,8oz 12oz is available


5.16oz Vietnam sauce glass bottle

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There are many delicious foods in Vietnam, including sauces. So many Vietnamese food companies in the United States. Most of them choose this 12oz Vietnam sauce glass bottle. This bottle is equipped with a plastic cap and finally sealed with a sealing film. With the brand label of Vietnamese sauce, a proper Vietnamese cuisine style


Various brands and sizes of sauces are very widely used in the market.Of course, there are simply too many bottle types that can be used for sauces for us to introduce them all. It is believed that the major raw manufacturers will also have a similar approach to produce a series of various brands of sauces for everyone to choose from the perspective of the buyer. Shandong Mingle Packing Co.,ltd supplies different size sauce bottles and sauce glass jars, find them and believe that they are the best choice for you. Visit ,You can find more business opportunities and inspiration there!

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