How is the product packaging influence the buyers’ behavior

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Packaging is very important for enterprises to sell their products, because packaging is the first element that comes into the eyes of consumers and is the direct and main transmitter of product personality. We’ve all been told to never ever judge a person or one thing by appearance, you can’t measure the sea with a pint pot.But according to consumer market research, at least 1/3 of people buy juice through the nice juice glass bottle because it has a beautiful appearance, so good packaging design is one of the total means to create profit for the enterprise.


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The influence of product packaging on consumers’ purchasing behavior

The influence of product packaging on consumers’ purchasing behavior is particularly important when the various types of product information collected by consumers are close to each other. Generally speaking, packaging conveys product information through visual elements such as text, patterns, colors and shapes to stimulate consumers’ visual perception and directly influence consumers’ purchasing behavior. It is worth noting that some of the packaging nowadays not only emphasizes the visual impact on consumers, but also the tactile stimulation,


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The impact of packaging text

The text on the package is the most direct factor to convey the product information to consumers. When consumers choose a product, the concise text on the package can enable consumers to quickly understand the main information, and then generate purchase behavior. If the text on the package is too complex, consumers cannot easily understand the information they need, they are likely to lose interest in the product and switch to other goods. When people buy beverages, the date of manufacture on the bottle is often one of the most important pieces of information. If it is difficult for consumers to find the production date and shelf life of the goods, they are less likely to choose to buy the goods, and will turn to the production date and shelf life of the information to find products. Similarly, foreign imported goods are generally affixed with the corresponding Chinese instructions to facilitate consumers to obtain the corresponding product information, and thus influence the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Therefore, the text on the packaging should be simple and eye-catching, to convey clear information to consumers.


The impact of packaging patterns

    Packaging pattern is a necessary element of packaging, which can be divided into figurative pattern and abstract pattern. Concrete patterns can give consumers a tangible impression and facilitate consumers’ understanding of the corresponding information; abstract patterns can stimulate consumers’ interest in exploration. Packaging patterns can be abstract and complex, unlike packaging text that emphasizes simplicity and clarity. These two types of patterns are widely used in product packaging. Whether it is a figurative pattern or abstract pattern, it should start from showing the characteristics of the product itself, so that consumers can fully feel the value of the product. Good packaging patterns can make consumers in the first glance of the pattern recall the product brand, such as Coca-Cola Cola, blueberry juice p bottle on the Blueberry, etc. Classic product patterns can quickly attract the attention of consumers and influence the consumer’s purchasing behavior. So in the outer packaging printing, as well as the production of labels is also very important.



The influence of packaging color

    Compared with the packaging pattern and text, the packaging color is a more direct and clear design expression element. Different colors can bring different psychological feelings to consumers, such as red gives people the feeling of joy and enthusiasm, green gives people the feeling of vitality and freshness, Compared to the product packaging pattern and also message, the product packaging color is a much more straight and also clear layout expression element. For example, red cosmetic glass bottles can catch people’s eyes at once, green bottles of beer can make people feel cool, yellow honey bottles make people feel sweet honey, etc..

Product packaging color selection must also fit the characteristics of the product itself, such as food packaging rarely uses blue glass, more use of red and yellow; drug packaging is just the opposite, more brown bottle packaging. Cosmetic bottles will choose some spray colors of the bottle, at the same time, the product packaging should also fit the brand characteristics. In addition, the same color to different consumers brings different feelings, so in the selection of product packaging color to do a good job of market research to understand the target group’s preference for the product application color. As with packaging patterns, there are colors that enable consumers to see the product at the first glance to recall the product brand, such as Estee Lauder, people can think of the brown glass bottle. Color can affect the mood of consumers, quickly give consumers a deep and lasting impression, and then influence the consumer’s purchase behavior.


The influence of packaging shape

    The shape of the packaging is also a way to express the product information, which will affect the psychology of consumers, and then influence their purchasing behavior. Nowadays, in addition to meeting the basic functions of transportation, storage and use, the packaging shape should also meet the needs of consumers so that they are impressed by the product at first sight.

  Some of the best-tasting vodkas on the market are designed to be enjoyed in a cold glass bottle, one of the classic examples of product packaging design is Grey Goose vodka, which has a special bottle design with a flock of grey geese flying between mountains and rivers, so that consumers can remember it at once. It is a vodka that can be remembered as soon as the geese are remembered.

This unique design ignited consumer enthusiasm for the purchase. With so many vodka options and alternatives on the market, a special shape can make a product stand out from its competitors and attract more attention.

The impact of packaging materials

    Packaging material to the consumer experience is not only reflected in the visual, but also in the sense of touch. First of all, look at the visual aspect, the textured glass bottle material can take the overall design of the product packaging to another level. For example, the vodka bottle of fine white glass material is more crystal clear, enhancing the product itself, the material of the female cosmetic bottle is also the choice of fine white material, so that the characteristics of the cosmetic brand can be highlighted, consumers will see when they buy because they feel that the product and the price is in line. The material and shape of the packaging is beautiful enough to make consumers ignore the product itself. From the aspect of touch, touch is the most intuitive experience, such as through touch, hands-on experience, etc. to make consumers immerse themselves in the situation, thus driving the inner desire to produce purchase behavior. Many consumers in the purchase of products, will take the product to the hands to measure, this time the touch is the most direct, better material packaging to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.



    The use of packaging in life is very extensive. Packaging is mainly from the text, pattern, color, shape, material 5 aspects of consumer purchasing behavior impact. The text on the product packaging must be simple and clear to facilitate consumers’ access to information; the pattern can be figurative or abstract, but it should start from the characteristics of the product itself and enable consumers to feel the value of the product; the color, shape and material should be used to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy as the starting point. In the design of product packaging, these five aspects need to be taken into account, but this does not mean that the resources to be invested in these five areas are equal, nor does it mean that in each area to achieve the ultimate. The final product packaging design to maximize profits as the premise. It is not advisable to pursue only the exquisite packaging style and ignore the cost. Shandong Mingle Packaging Co., Ltd. can provide glass packaging products that make you feel both satisfied and maximize your profit.and we are willing to help any company to complete their ideal packaging.

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