Top 10 Glass Bottle Suppliers by 2022

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No matter you are a glass bottle company,glass container distributor, or food&drink manufactures,you’ve probably been wondering where to find the world’s leading glass bottles. You can get an idea of who the global leaders are by reading this article, which also contains profiles of some of the top glass bottle companies. These include China’s largest glass bottle manufacturer and Sweden’s Stoelzle glass group. You can also read about Crown Packaging of Australia, which is one of the world’s largest glass bottle manufacturers.


India’s leading glass bottle supplier

Hadlyn Glass, founded in 1991 in Gujarat, is one of the leading glass bottle makers in the world. Known for its innovative designs and shapes, Hadlyn creates bottles that are aesthetically pleasing and offer cutting-edge benefits to its clients. In fact, Hadlyn is one of India’s leading glass bottle manufacturers. Read on to discover more about the company. You can find out more about its history and the future plans for the company.

My easyglass, established in 1981, is an experienced manufacturer of glass bottles and jars. They have experts who listen to their clients and work with them to create the right solution for them. They offer printing, decoration, and a variety of closures for their bottles. Another leading glass bottle supplier in the country is Mahalaxmi Industries, which manufactures pet bottles, molded items, and plastic granules. They also provide milk and juice glass bottles.

apple and orange juice drinks fresh glass bottle isolated on a white background
Apple and orange juice drinks fresh glass bottle isolated on a white background

China’s best

Among the major suppliers of glass bottles, Xuzhou HuaLian glass factory is one of the leading ones in China. This company specializes in glass bottle manufacturing, supplying a variety of products to well-known companies. It also offers glass processing services, such as frosted bottles. Another major glass bottle supplier in China is Foshan glass,which provides a range of glass containers, including bottles and jars, and exports to over 80 countries, including America, Europe, and east Asia.

Another important company that specializes in manufacturing custom glass bottles is the Shandong Mingle Packing Co.,Ltd. With more than10 years of glass container solution experience, this company is now one of the largest manufacturers of glass bottles in China. It has several plants and 25 production lines. The company also has two automatic printing machines. Professional engineers and designers are capable of creating new designs and shapes, and they have been successful in launching themselves in several countries.

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Sweden’s Stoelzle glass group

Swedish Stoelzle glass group will become a top 10 glass bottle supplier by 2022, thanks to its commitment to innovation and new technologies. The group recently announced its plans to expand its distribution to Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Sirane is preparing to expand its portfolio of wine bottles, and Ahlstrom has unveiled a new biodegradable fiber.

The company recently announced a target to reduce packaging theft by half. Other recent developments include an investment in a new 3D printer. The company is collaborating with Fujifilm in the area of packaging and has concluded a deal with the American papermaker Celanese to produce cellulose diacetate. Other notable developments in the industry include the expansion of M&H Plastics’s portfolio and an agreement with the Irish firm Ardagh Group.


Australia’s Crown Packaging

Australian beverage companies are turning to the glass bottle as one of the most effective means of packaging their products. As a result, glass packaging holds the largest market share for alcoholic beverages. Crown Packaging has expanded its beverage bottle portfolio to include custom amber and flint glass bottles. The company also offers green and flint glass bottles. Australia’s Freund Container bills itself as a hybrid supplier. It offers consulting, manufacturing, and distribution services, and sells glass bottles to different industries.

One Design worked with Ardagh to create a high-definition bottle that featured a tattoo-style design. The company’s Product Design team used sculptured embossing software to inscribe the artwork into the glass. This process also creates a life-like finish with the added texture of the design. In order to complete the small-scale project, Crown Packaging employed its Development Machine, a flexible glass forming system.

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Sweden’s Blueglass

Sweden’s Blueglass is a global supplier of glass bottles, having been established in 2002 in Stockholm. With over 20 years of experience, this company specializes in glass packaging for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Blueglass offers a wide range of glass bottles, from standard sizes to customized shapes, colors, and neck finishes. The company has a large global customer base and is proficient in customizing glass bottles to meet the needs of different industries.

Europe’s Glass Bottle and Containers Market is moderately fragmented, with several significant players operating across the continent. Some of these players include Owens Illinois, Sweden’s Blueglass, Verallia, Vidrala, and Vetropack Holding Ltd. The Ardagh Group has also acquired the former Saint Gobain / Verallia glass factories in the United States in 2014.

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