How to cut glass bottles,turn them to crafts?

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Glass is not only transparent and clear, but also strong and hard, which makes it an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are many different types of glass bottles, and because of its special material, either glass bottles or glass jars can be recycled. Then people who love handicrafts or are handy may be interested in the process of cutting a glass bottle and turning it into a work of art.

Let’s first introduce how to cut glass bottles

How to cut glass bottles, here are four methods, first prepare the following methods of gadgets.

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1. Flame cutting method: draw a line on top of the glass bottle, the flame is aligned with the line drawn on the glass bottle, rotate the bottle so that the bottle is evenly heated, and then submerged in cold water, repeat several times.

2. Boiling water cutting method: use a glass knife or glass drill to draw a line, and then alternately soak in cold and hot water until the bottle is broken.

3.Sheep rope cutting method: soak the cotton rope in alcohol for 1 hour, and then wrap it around the bottle that needs to be cut. Use a lighter to ignite the cotton rope, so that the cotton rope fully burns. Wait until the alcohol on the cotton rope burns out, the bottle can be quickly thrown into cold water.

4.Electric grinding cutting method: mark the cutting position in the glass bottle, along the identified cutting line, slowly cut the bottle with electric grinding, and then use coarse sandpaper to polish the gap.

We have learned how to cut glass bottles. Then if the next step is to turn it into a favorite artwork, it will be a good idea to use your imagination, whether it’s painting, drawing, or dabbing the bottle with a nice diamond. Then you will have a glass vase full of art, a romantic glass jar, or a very cute storage jar and so on. I believe that people with great wisdom will bring us different surprises .


I have tried the method of cutting glass bottles, specifically to see how to turn waste into treasure, you can design the cutting of bottles according to the place of your home, and then make what you want


1. Kitchen supplies

Beer bottles and liquor bottles are always thrown away after use, because of the small spout, the general situation is not popular use, if the bottle is cut as needed, it is the best “helper” in your home. The lower part of the bottle turns it into a storage jar for tableware.



2. Tableware

Cut off the head can be used to put toothpicks and condiments, the combination of them on the table, does not match?Or candle jars of various colors?

The wine bottle itself is filled with wine, so let it become a wine glass, is it cool? That’s right, the kind of wine glass you use for drinking

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3. Cloakroom

If the decor of your home can match the bottle accessories, then the cut down bottles can be made into hooks for the coat. Also can be made into a lamp ornament




If it is the bathroom, what can be done with the cut glass bottles? You may not imagine that it can be made into a toothbrush cup



The next scene is a garden, the cut glass bottle can also be made into a green container, friends who like flowers and plants, you may want to give it a try!


6.The living room

 I think, is the scene that allows you to be more creative. Because there are so many things that can be used to cut bottles to make. For example, glass bottles for lamps, table lamps, love glass bottle ornaments on the wall. All of these show the wisdom and ingenuity of human beings.

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If you like to make your own, what are you waiting for? We have discussed a lot about how to cut glass bottles and how to make them into crafts. If you have better ideas, please contact us, Shandong MingLe Packing Co.,Ltd, will provide you with various forms of glass support.

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