Top 8 glass mason jars decoration ideas

diy mason jar citronella lavender candle finished

When summer comes, you may put aside the used glass bottles or dispose of them as waste items, but some people still don’t know that these used glass bottles, Mason jars, strawberry jam bottles, etc. can also be turned into treasure and made into various DIY things. Decorating these used items can not only beautify our lives, but also reuse resources and protect our environment, so why not do it?

So, let me take you through an inventory of what kind of interesting DIY glass jars can be made!


1. Watermelon mason jars

The most popular fruit we eat in summer is watermelon.Then we can use the glass jar to make a watermelon ornament.First of all, you have to spray the glass jar color, watermelon color, pink body, and black watermelon seeds, after painting is not feeling a bit like a watermelon, next, to the bottle to help on the lovely rope or bow. So a watermelon Mason jar is complete, can be used for storage, or as art.Add some fun to the hot summer days.

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2. Cute Mickey Glass jars

 Not only children, adults can also have a childlike interest, like many animated characters. Seeing this Mickey-shaped jar, I think it’s very cute. Don’t you have an IDEA for your kids? Then you can try to make this Mickey off and give it to your kids or friends. It may be a bit of a test of your drawing skills, but don’t worry, it’s not too hard to make. Spray paint Mickey’s classic red and black, then make two ears out of plastic or cardboard and set them on top of the lid. Trust me, the kids will love it. Because I made one and gave it to my children.


3. Pineapple jar

Clever woman may have a better idea. Making a glass jar into a planter for raising plants is also a very good idea. The jar can be painted in color or be clear. DIY ideas like the one below are fantastic. Because from a distance, she is a “pineapple”. In fact, the glass jar is sprayed with the color of the pineapple, painted with the pattern of the pineapple, plus the green plant on top. Let the real pineapple have a little sense of crisis.



4. DIY crafts for Kids

  Maybe you are still worried about the children not having a good storage jar, the school assigned no craft work? Or want to give the teacher a gift? It’s easy to make an inexpensive and very meaningful gift. Paint a glass jar, paint it any color you like, decorate the jar, and you can use it to hold your school supplies, or give it to a teacher or friend. Try to make a craft yourself, it is very helpful for children’s craft class homework.

Source: Pinterest

5. Wedding glass vase

 You may have seen the great idea of incorporating Mason jars into your wedding, yes, Mason jar vases, or Mason jar party lighting. All you need are a few simple DIY tools, spray colors, brushes, or spray powders, and you can make them according to your wedding color palette. Put your favorite roses on it. This idea allows you to save money on vases for your wedding and enhance your taste.

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6. Candle jars

  How do you make a candle jar ? It is very easy to make a candle jar, you must have used glass jars at home, then you can dare to use your imagination, decorate the glass jar into any way you like, is it better than to buy a finished glass jar? Then put your favorite aromatherapy, or candles. Put it on the table, whether you are eating or drinking coffee with friends, this creative candle jar will make your mood very happy.

diy mason jar citronella lavender candle finished
Source: Pinterest

7. Mason jar aquarium

Now the more popular DIY Mason jar is to make an aquarium, Mason jar can be made into an aquarium? Yes, you read that right. It is a glass jar that can keep fish. I think it is very easy to find a used glass jar. Aquatic plants, rocks, and plastic starfish are all available at aquarium stores. With your children, lay them inside the Mason jar. You can glue a waterproof light on the lid part, put your fish inside, turn on the light switch, and a small aquarium is ready.

finding dory aquarium jar 8
Source: Pinterest


8. Party Galaxy jar

When young people hold parties or watch home theater with friends, they want to add some cool and magical colors, then this galaxy can is a good way to meet their fantasy and needs. Handmade is very simple, buy the required gutter blue, an empty jar, candles or glow-in-the-dark tubes. Try it with your and magical colors, then this galaxy can be a good way to meet their fantasy and needs. Handmade is very simple, buy the required gutter blue, an empty jar is Ok.



Any creative idea is great,we apply these ideas to our life, please be bold to use your imagination, At Shandong MingLe Packing,we resources kinds of glass bottles and jars for your crafts ideas.

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