16oz 480ml Clear Glass Mason Jar with Metal Lid

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  • Glass jar volume: 16oz 480ml
  • Height: 12.7cm
  • Diameter: 8.2cm
  • Lid diameter: 7cm
  • Lid choice: Metal lid and 2 piece lid


Our 16oz 480ml glass Mason jar is a best-selling glass jar that is undoubtedly the best packaging solution for beverages, jams, household storage, BBQ sauce, candles, and crafts.

The wide threaded mouth design with high quality tinplate lids, and split lids allow for effective food storage and prevent leakage of beverages and other liquids.

Since many shipments and logistics are delayed due to the COVID-19,SDML Packing have prepared a sufficient inventory to keep wholesalers, food manufacturers, and craft industry well stocked. So that you don’t have to worry about waiting for packaging


Label printing:

Logo screen printing and lid screen printing is all available


Packing solution:

 Generally speaking,our packing for this glass mason jar is pallet,if customer has custom packing requirements,it is available



Shipping solution

 By sea is economical,if urgent for the goods,customer can choose by air.

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