Empty 750ml Bordeaux glass bottle wine glass bottle with cork


Empty 750ml Bordeaux glass bottle wine glass bottle with cork

750ml Bordeaux glass bottle is collectively referred to as the “high shoulder bottle” because Bordeaux wine often uses this type of glass bottle, so people call it the Bordeaux bottle. Its main characteristics are the size 750ml, the cylindrical body and high shoulder. The cylindrical body allows the wine to maintain a more stable state when placed horizontally, which is conducive to the aging of the wine. The high shoulder can prevent the sediment in the wine from pouring out during pouring.It can be used in many Industries,such as wine industry,even some customers use it for Olive oil Industry.

Application Industry

Wine Industry

Olive oil Industry



200ml 500ml 750ml 1000ml 1500ml



T-cork,wooden cork and silicone cork



Amber glass bottle,antique green glass bottle,green glass bottle ,dark green glass bottle


Logo printing

Many customers choose to print their logo on the glass bottle body,some also choose labels on it.



Generally 750ml glass bottle is packed in pallet,and carton box.Packaging can be customized.


There are many glass bottles for wines,Shandong Mingle Packing Co.,Ltd can supply 200ml,500ml,750ml,1000ml,1500ml etc different sizes for wine glass bottles ,which meeting different demands of the customers.No matter wine industry or olive oil industry,we can give a different packaging solution for our customers. If you need customized the unique glass bottles for your brands,pls contact us .

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