The 7 Best Essential oil glass bottles of 2022


 Busy life makes people’s health are affected, more and more people pay attention to body maintenance, then the essential oil is undoubtedly the best choice for all kinds of body care, essential oil glass bottle is the ideal bottle packaging for good essential oil escort.

In order to protect the essential oil ingredients, then its packaging can only choose dark glass bottles to avoid the damage of UV rays and light.There are kinds of glass essential oil bottles on the market, So what are the best essential oil glass bottles in 2022? The authors believe that here are 9 kinds of essential oil bottles .


Amber essential oil glass vials with cap.

Many essential oil brands will choose amber glass vials, which are not only petite and compact, but also perfect for trial size and traveling. Although small in size, these small bottles can come with different closures. For example, the more popular essential oil glass bottles with roller balls, essential oil bottles with inner stoppers with elegant black caps.Even it can be equipped with a dropper cap. Isn’t it small in size but big in energy?


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Amber round shape glass bottles with lid

Amber essential oil bottles are very commonly used in the essential oil packaging market to prevent the evaporation of the product ingredients inside the bottle. The slim, tall, round body of the bottle with the caliber of the 18mm neck classic essential oil glass bottle makes it very easy to fill. 

In addition it can be equipped with a dropper cap, as well as an electrified aluminum cap, which can make the bottle look sealed plus beautiful and upscale. The amber bottle itself can also be used for medicinal purposes, so that’s why amber glass bottles are popular. 

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Amber glass boston bottles with euro dropper

 Amber glass boston bottles are the most popular and common bottle packaging for essential oils,many brands use it,for example Dottera,Butterfly essential oils etc.

Nice boston round glass bottle body with screw neck,which can be matched with euro dropper,black cap with tapered linner plug.These ensure that the essential oils are safe and do not leak. In addition, the euro dropper allows people to control the amount of essential oil they use when using it.Of course, it can also be used with the cap of the spray.For customers,it is very convenient.

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Blue glass essential oil bottles

Blue color essential oil bottles are also popular on the bottle packaging,which are used for variety industries,such as medicine essential oil,and body care oil,or cosmetic essential oil etc.Blue represents the pure, more consumers believe that the products inside is high quality, with a safety guarantee.18mm neck glass bottles can be matched with euro droppers,black lids.

Blue glass boston bottles

The same with blue glass essential oil bottles,the material is blue,with boston round shape body.Different is that it is 22mm neck.Boston glass bottles seems more beautiful view.Most essential oil manufactures choose it as packaging.Especially the European customers. 

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Black bottles

Black is a amazing color, and there are many high-end essential oil brands that use black glass bottles as packaging to show the distinctiveness of their products, and this black glass bottle from Shandong MingLe Packing Co.Ltd.It can also come with a black plastic cap, a dropper cap, and a spray, so if it’s all black, isn’t that a cool product?


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Dark violet glass bottles

If the black bottles have a mystical color, then the Dark violet glass essential oil bottle 

is a noble and elegant representative of the bottle packaging.When you look at the bottle through the sunlight, it is purple, really beautiful.

The material of the bottle itself is dark violet. Some of these dark purple bottles are handmade, but it does not affect the texture of the bottle. Put it among the essential oil bottles and you will see it at a glance. As you can see, the dark violet glass bottles are very attractive to consumers. 

There is no doubt that the color of the bottle is destined to protect the ingredients of the essential oil well from the damage of UV rays. The elegant color and the smooth body of the bottle are liked by many essential oil manufacturers.


Amber square shape glass essential oil bottle

When it comes to the square amber essential oil bottle, you will not be unfamiliar, and you will often even think of the phrase “Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle”. Yes, this is the bottle type chosen by the big brands, even though it is used with eye serums. 

The unique square shape amber glass bottle allows enough space for logo printing, and with the Euro dropper, it is really a premium glass bottle. So please trust the vision of the big brands, the same bottle shape can really bring a different sales experience for your products. 



The above 9 bottle types are still the best essential oil packaging bottles for 2022, and hopefully the information on these bottles will help people understand why essential oils appear in different bottles.

Of course there are far more types of essential oil bottles than that, and we have only covered these more popular bottle types, glass bottles are still in demand by this packaging market. It is very wise to pick a suitable glass bottle packaging for your essential oils as they fit. 

At Shandong MingLe Packing Co.,Ltd, we have a wide variety of bottle types for essential oil manufacturers and essential oil bottle retailers, supporting essential bottles wholesale &bulk. 

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