Glass water bottle or plastic water bottle?

3 best glass water bottles in 2022 (3)

Drink water is one important thing everyday for people,especially for health and weight loss. Then the key to drinking water is the water bottle. In the water bottle market,people always meet one question,what kind of water glass bottle you should buy?Glass water bottle or plastic water bottle?

So next we will analyze the advantages of glass water bottles in comparison.

Glass water bottles are healthier than plastic water bottles because the characteristic of glass is high temperature resistance, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful substances produced by plastic due to the stimulation of high temperature.

Glass water bottles are easier to clean, plastic bottle may be moldy because of the long time

Nowadays, the design of glass water bottle is more innovative and safe, and this 2022 hot selling glass water cup provided by Shandong MingLe Packing

3 best glass water bottles in 2022 (2)

The right volume of 500ml allows people to drink the right amount of water.Sleek glass body of high peng silicon makes it easier for people to grip.In addition, the heat insulation silicone sleeve better protects people’s fingers away from damage caused by high temperatures. The silicone sleeve is not all wrapped around the bottle, but leaves a part of the visible space, so that people can clearly see the liquid inside the glass bottle

Its biggest design is the glass bottle cap made of bamboo with silicone seal, the treated bamboo cap is strong and durable with strong sealing.If you have any question about the glass water bottle,you can visit, ask the glass bottle expert. SDML Packing Co.,Ltd can give you glass bottle packaging solutions.

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