What is the role of the concave bottom of the glass wine bottle?

the concave bottom of the glass bottle

We all know that the bottom of the wine bottle is concave, then this concave it actually has what role? Why is the bottom of the wine glass bottle concave? What are the reasons for the concave bottom of wine bottles?

The glass bottle of wine was born in the early 17th century, the earliest use of glass wine bottle is champagne, 1724, the French government allowed the bottle of fermented champagne on sale; May 25, 1728, champagne got the king’s permission to sell overseas. 1728, France officially approved the use of glass bottle filling wine sales. Therefore, the earliest wine bottles are champagne bottles, and today’s wine glass bottles still continue the traditional craftsmanship and shape of champagne bottles.

So there are several main reasons for the appearance of the concave bottom of glass wine bottles.

1. concave bottom is to improve the impact ability of wine bottles, the reason is that flat bottom wine bottles have poor impact resistance, while concave bottom bottles have higher physical strength, which can greatly reduce the chances of breakage caused by collision.

2.The uniform base formed around the concave bottom improves the stability of the bottle when it is placed on the stand.

3.The concave bottom can reduce the internal volume of the wine bottle, making the bottle appear more atmospheric.

What is the function of concave bottom of wine bottle?

The concave bottom is good for the operation of the champagne bottle when turning the bottle to remove the mud, because it is easier to operate when the thumb is inserted into the groove with other fingers to turn the bottle, and it also provides convenience for the dining and pouring service.

Red wines with a long aging period are safer in a concave-bottomed, pressure-resistant bottle, which makes it easier to remove sediment from the aged wine when serving.

In fact, the concave bottom of wine bottles is a cultural heritage, the main function is to resist pressure and have higher strength, and secondly, it is convenient for the sedimentation of aged wine. In addition, it facilitates the stabilization and removal of sludge before drinking. The deep concave bottom of a wine bottle does not mean that it is a good wine, nor does it affect the quality of the wine.

Traditionally, a bottle with a deeper concave base suggested that the wine had better aging potential, but in this market economy, the bottle is only a container and does not represent the quality of the wine. Today, driven by commercial interests, the wine industry is mixed, and some unscrupulous producers deliberately use bottles with deeper concave bottoms to carry ordinary wine as a marketing tool in order to deceive consumers.

Therefore, it is important for consumers to keep their eyes open when buying wine and not to be fooled by any false impressions. Usually sparkling wine bottles have a deep recessed bottom and thick walls. The role of the deep concave bottom of champagne bottles is to have a high pressure resistance strength in order to prevent the explosion of the bottle, in addition, it can also reduce the volume of capacity, the same 750mL capacity, the bottle is much larger than other wines, appear more atmospheric, with a sense of quality.

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