Top 5 Glass bottles for sauce making

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When we buy sauces in the market, we can see that most of the sauces on the shelves are packaged in glass bottles, and a small part may be packaged in other ways. Why do sauce manufacturers choose glass bottles as the best packaging method? First, the following are the reasons: 1.Generally ,the sauce contains […]

Exactly how to make tomato sauce?

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Nutrition of tomato sauce Tomato is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and also a percentage of protein. It can promote food digestion, diuresis and also hinder lots of sorts of germs. Carotene in tomatoes can protect skin elasticity, promote bone calcification, protect against as well as treat youngsters’s rickets, night blindness and also […]

Three methods for milk packaging

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Milk, among the earliest natural drinks, is bled from women cows as the name suggests. In different nations, there are different grades of milk, one of the most common being entire, low-fat and skim milk. Milk is the finest resource of calcium for the body and also is a vital nutrient in people’s lives. Milk […]

Top 10 Glass Bottle Suppliers by 2022

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No matter you are a glass bottle company,glass container distributor, or food&drink manufactures,you’ve probably been wondering where to find the world’s leading glass bottles. You can get an idea of who the global leaders are by reading this article, which also contains profiles of some of the top glass bottle companies. These include China’s largest […]

How is the product packaging influence the buyers’ behavior

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Packaging is very important for enterprises to sell their products, because packaging is the first element that comes into the eyes of consumers and is the direct and main transmitter of product personality. We’ve all been told to never ever judge a person or one thing by appearance, you can’t measure the sea with a […]

How Glass Juice Bottles Can Improve Your Product Sales


There are several factors to consider when selecting a bottle for your product. These factors include the product’s color, transparency, reusability, and cost. Here are some tips to help you choose the right glass juice bottle for your company. Read on to learn more about these factors. You’ll be glad you did! Let’s take a […]

How to cut glass bottles,turn them to crafts?

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Glass is not only transparent and clear, but also strong and hard, which makes it an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are many different types of glass bottles, and because of its special material, either glass bottles or glass jars can be recycled. Then people who love handicrafts or are handy may […]